Letter to the Editor: Jan. 6 will exist in infamy

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There are still people running around with MAGA hats and Trump flags. This letter is not for them, because they have become cult members and are past reasoning.

Let us put some of our past history in perspective. Osama bin Laden organized an attack on the United States of America in 2001. Two aircraft struck the Twin Towers causing massive civilian loss of life, but the aircrafts sent to strike the heart of our government, the Pentagon and the White House, failed to make their target.

In 2021, twenty years later, Donald J Trump organized an attack on the heart of our government. He succeeded where Osama bin Laden failed. Trump’s cult of fanatics assaulted the Capitol of the United States while Congress and Senate were in session. They violently attacked, and overran the Capitol police, destroying property – including defecating and urinating in the Capitol rotunda. They ran through the halls of Congress breaking into offices. A noose was hung from scaffolding and the mob was chanting ‘Hang Mike Pence’. They were searching to capture the Speaker of the House. They were armed with collapsible weapons, stun guns, bear spray and zip tie handcuffs. It is unclear what outcome they were seeking: the violent overthrow of our Constitutional government and the installation of their Glorious Leader… President for life?

Trump lost the election. He lost the popular vote by almost eight million. Every Governor and Secretary of State in all the contested states certified the election counts as fair, accurate and unassailable. There were numerous recounts, each affirming the results of President Biden’s win. Sixty-four judges, many Republican judges that were appointed by Trump, threw out Trump’s lawsuits as having no merit. Trump’s total argument was that thousands showed up at his rallies so he couldn’t have lost the election; and even now he continues the Big Lie.

The major threat to United States of America is no longer foreign terrorist, but radicalized American terrorist motivated by the ex-President of the United States – Donald J. Trump.

William Gilliland

Vietnam vet.
U.S. Navy retired

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