Letter to the Editor: Maine elections are for Mainers

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During the recent referendum campaign over the CMP Power Corridor, Hydro-Quebec, owned by the Province of Quebec (https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/hydro-quebec), spent millions of dollars, funneled through political action committees, to influence the outcome of our referendum. And now they have joined a lawsuit to try to overturn the referendum passed overwhelmingly by the people of Maine. This is completely unacceptable and outrageous. That any foreign government could do this in our state is just plain wrong. Maine elections are about Maine and Mainers, not other countries. However, a current loophole in federal law allows this to happen, and it is happening right now.

But there is something we can do about it. A new referendum effort called Protect Maine Elections is currently underway. Petition circulators are out gathering signatures right now to put a new referendum question on the Maine ballot which would close this loophole and keep foreign government money out of our elections. And it is an entirely and very strong bi-partisan effort being led by Republican State Senator Rick Bennett and former Democratic State House member Kyle Bailey, along with other very notable leaders from both parties and independents as well. Such
a bi-partisan grassroots effort bringing everyone together around a political cause is so gratifying and refreshing because this is all about election integrity and Maine elections being for Maine people. Simple as that.

If you would like to learn more, sign a petition, or become involved (as any small amount of help matters), you can go to the website at ProtectMaineElections.com online and also see Protect Maine Elections on Facebook. People can also email info@protectmaineelections.com or call the office at 207-579-4282.

Let’s band together and make sure that Maine elections are for Mainers.

Ron Bilancia

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