Letter to the Editor: Maine loggers are hurting

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Senator Susan Collins and Representative Jared Golden worked hard to ensure that $200 million was included in the COVID-19 emergency relief package to support Maine loggers who have been hit hard by the economic downturn associated with the pandemic. This funding is meant to help the industry “get through this difficult period.”

At the same time, CMP, which has spent millions to convince Mainers that their unpopular NECEC Corridor project is a solution to Maine’s economic problems, has contracted with a logging company based out of Wisconsin to clear the corridor.

Clearly, Maine loggers are hurting for work, yet CMP passed them over to hire out-of-state workers. So please, don’t buy CMP’s bogus job claims. Actions speak louder than words, and this Spanish company has shown their only loyalty is to their bottom line. Please vote YES this November stop this destructive project.

Ed Buzzell
Moxie Gore

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