Letter to the Editor: Mainers fooled by fossil fuel companies?

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It’s really, really, tiresome to see these letters to the editor from the CMP PR machine claiming Mainers were fooled by fossil fuel companies for not supporting the CMP Corridor project during the statewide referendum that took place in November 2021. These letters claim that we were fooled by fossil fuel companies because of all the money they spent to oppose the project. Yes, there was a lot of money spent on the referendum from big corporations – on both sides of the argument!

Avangrid/CMP and Hydro Quebec spent around $75 million trying to convince Mainers to support the project, whereas NextEra, Calpine and Vistra spent about $25 million trying to get Mainers to reject the project. If Mainers were fooled by money being spent, you would think they would have supported the CMP Corridor, but they didn’t. In fact, Mainers voted overwhelmingly to oppose the project – and it was the largest vote of any referendum in Maine history! Mainers certainly recognize that our economy is transitioning into greater electrification which will require new projects to be built and new innovations in how we heat our homes and power our cars. But, please stop trying to say we were wrong in rejecting the CMP Corridor project. It was a bad deal then and it is still a bad deal now. We can do better.


Theresa E York
Farmington, Maine


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