Letter to the Editor: Reduce the Odds, Protect the Children

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With the recent killing of children in Tennessee, I find myself increasingly worried about school shootings in Maine. I have lived in Maine for over 50 years and plan to live out my remaining years in Strong. I came here to practice medicine and found that I loved Maine and its inhabitants. I was privileged to deliver over 2,000 babies and care for many as toddlers and schoolchildren, and the thought of seeing the grandchildren of these babies being massacred in school with an assault weapon is horrifying, when the chances of that happening could be reduced with relevant legislation. I am disturbed that the Governor has not, the legislature has not, and even local law enforcers have not taken a stand to reduce the odds of a Maine school shooting. I understand that the polls indicate that a majority of Maine residents feel as I do, and yet we are helpless to act without the support of our elected representatives.


Christopher Smith M.D.
Strong, Maine


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