Letter to the Editor: Republicans vote no for pandemic relief

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Every Republican Senator and Congress person voted against the 1.9 trillion-dollar American Rescue Plan, including our own Susan Collins.

Susan Collins again votes in lock step with the Republican party to obstruct the American Rescue Plan.

Collins voted against money to safely reopen schools
Collins voted against money to produce, distribute and administer Covid vaccinations.
Collins voted against money to extend unemployment to persons that lost their jobs when businesses closed due to the pandemic.
Collins voted against the $1,400 stimulus checks to individuals to help jumpstart the economy.

Republicans did not hesitate push through a 2 trillion-dollar tax cut primarily aimed at benefiting the mega-wealthy and big businesses. Donald Trump told his millionaire friends at Mar-A-Lago “I have just made you guys a lot richer.”

I have never understood why working people vote Republican. It is like turkeys voting for Thanksgiving.

William Gilliland

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