Letter to the Editor: Support cash-back carbon pricing

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Last Spring, Farmington, Wilton, Mount Vernon, Vienna, and Starks voters all passed articles at their town meetings voicing support for a national carbon cash-back system in which the proceeds of a pollution fee levied on fossil fuel producers would be returned to all U.S. households equally. This would be an ideal way to help shift the U.S. economy toward renewable fuel sources, spur economic growth, and compensate households for the long-term costs of burning fossil fuels.

Senators Collins and King, Representatives Golden and Pingree, and President Biden were all informed that their constituents supported this approach to reducing greenhouse gases quickly and making the energy transition equitable for low and moderate income households.

We hear about all kinds of climate change provisions in the infrastructure bill, but they do not add up to the necessary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Instead they get us roughly two thirds of the way to our 2030 goals.

Interestingly, a national carbon pricing policy could get us the rest of the way there, according to sophisticated climate policy modeling. It would not add to the budget (it pays for itself), it would result in swift reductions of emissions, it would create new jobs, improve health, and support household budgets.

If you’d like to make a difference for the climate, contact your members of Congress now and urge them to support cash-back carbon pricing as part of the budget reconciliation package. They’re just waiting for the word from you.

Cynthia Stancioff

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