Letter to the editor: Thank President Biden and the Democrats

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Every single Republican in Congress voted against the much-needed and extremely-popular American Rescue Plan as we continue to deal with the wreckage left by Donald Trump and his enablers.

It is President Biden and Democrats who are the champions of working people and delivering for them. They are the ones sending the additional direct payments, accelerating Covid vaccinations, helping state and local governments, helping small businesses, and making sure people can pay their rent or mortgage and are receiving additional unemployment checks. Democrats are getting the public schools open and have always supported them. And Democrats expanded healthcare to about 30 million Americans, including a heck of a lot of Mainers, while Republicans tried to rip it away from them all to do their bidding for the insurance and big pharma companies. And it is Democrats fighting to increase the minimum wage which is now a starvation wage.

And what did Donald Trump and Republicans do? They skyrocketed the national debt by ramming through a massive tax law where 83 percent of the benefits went to the richest 1 percent of Americans. Now they have the gall to whine about deficit spending in the midst of this huge pandemic. And just where is Trump now? Nice and comfy at his Florida country club playing golf. To where did Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz try to flee while his state was suffering with its winter emergency? The Ritz Carleton in Cancun. Gee, how many working class people can afford to do these things?

All Republican politicians seem to want to do is create needless extremist culture wars, embrace wild-eyed conspiracy theories, and further enrich their already-rich donors. Democrats, on the other hand, are the adults in the room governing.

So when you receive your stimulus check and other benefits that you need right now, please thank President Biden and the Democrats and not the Republicans who all just voted against you.

Ron Bilancia

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