Letter to the Editor: Time always exposes the Truth

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Remember when CMP created a non profit shell company to enhance tourism in the Western Maine
Mountains? Remember the initial $250,000 to be followed by millions to help tourism in the
communities affected by their destructive corridor plans? Remember all of those promises given in
town meetings and county commissioner meetings not to mention in front of the PUC? Well time has
its way exposing truth doesn’t it? Where did the initial quarter of a million dollars go? Where is the
millions of dollars that were to follow? Where is the efforts to recompense communities and businesses
for the destruction to natural beauty and tourism that the corridor would create?

It is now almost three years since this sham non profit was created and all they have is a shell of a website. No serious money has been spent to promote tourism in any of the areas surrounding the new 53 mile section of their shamelessly advertised “CLEAN CORRIDOR”. Tens of millions of dollars are being spent in false advertising and propaganda concerning NECEC but nothing to help the tourism industry that they will bring to so much harm. One thing the publicity arms of CMP, Iberdola and HydoQuebec will never understand is that time will always show the truth and reveal the lies and deceit. STOP TRUSTING CMP

Rev Deke Sawyer
Jackman, Maine

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