Letter to the Editor: Vote to convict

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While it is hard to watch, the impeachment trial demands our attention, for it amplifies how an autocratic leader with no intention of stepping down can mislead and motivate groups and individuals to challenge our democracy and its hallmark: the peaceful transfer of power. Vice President Mike Pence and his family are clearly lucky to be alive, and owe a debt to the Capitol Police for getting them to a safe room. I wonder if his family could hear the chants of “Hang Mike Pence” that we can hear being shouted in the video recordings.

In the same way, I wonder if Senator Collins and some of her colleagues could also hear those chants. I hope the echoes of those threats, to all of them, will move them to protect themselves, and all of us, from any further political intransigence from the former president. Unless a person feels immune to the dangers and threats we see in the trial footage, I would think it behooves us all to pick up a phone and weigh in with any Senators who will listen. They need to vote to convict.

Eileen Kreutz

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