Letter to the Editor: Why I am running for the RSU 9 School Board

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Quality public education is essential to providing our young people with the necessary tools to build successful careers and prepare them for productive lives. It is also vital towards building strong and healthy communities which advance the welfare of their people and safeguard our democratic way of life.

My name is Todd “Will” Jones, and I am running in the March 27th local election to represent Farmington on the RSU 9 School Board. My desire to serve on the School Board is based on a passion to help uphold the educational and community ideals mentioned above. It is also premised on the following principles: school safety, inclusion and respect for all shareholders, education not restricted by political agendas, support for our great teachers, and fiscal responsibility.

My family of four moved to Farmington nearly 6 years ago from Oregon. My partner, Emily Franson, grew up in Farmington attending local schools. She brought us “home” here to the town she loves and the place we have all grown to love. Our two children, ages 11 and 16, attend Cascade Brook School and Mt. Blue High School, where they are both thriving.

Although I am fairly new to the community and new to school board work, I bring with me a desire to listen and learn, a commitment to show up and contribute, and a collaborative disposition. I try to practice common sense, civility, good character, and compassion for others. I am an experienced leader in business, non-profits, and government work, where I have developed skills in consensus building, communication, and organizing. I have a B.A. degree in Chinese from the University of Washington with a minor in anthropology. I have lived, studied, and worked in various places around the world. Much of my work has been with children, particularly unaccompanied children in refugee centers in both Asia and Europe. My work experience also includes directing a multi-county program for people with disabilities, work abroad in a foreign embassy, and the COO of a green technology company where I continue to work remotely part-time. I am also a board member of Western Maine Audubon.

My desire is to use my life experience, skills, and personal qualities to serve this amazing community. It would bring me great pleasure to contribute in a positive way to the educational experiences of my own children as well as all the children of RSU 9 by being a member of the RSU 9 School Board. I hope I can gain your vote on March 27th.

Please support our local schools by getting out to vote!

(Feel free to contact me at 207-491-2443 or twilljo@gmail.com)

Todd “Will” Jones
Farmington, Maine


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