Letter to the Editor: Wilton residents can fight climate change by voting yes on June 14

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If you live in Wilton and have been feeling powerless to make a difference for the health of our town, our planet, and our future, join me at the Town Meeting at Kineowatha Park at 6 PM on June 14.

A yes vote on Article 8 at the Town Meeting will result in letters being sent by our Town Officials to our elected officials at the State and Federal levels in support of Carbon Cash-back Pricing. This form of legislation is the only one which protects families during this time of transition toward cleaner energy.

A no vote will simply result in our giving away this chance to let our voices be heard through official channels.

How does this Climate Solution That Pays Families work? The short answer is that the producers of fossil fuels would pay a fee based per ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions they create. This fee would go into a fund, and be returned equally to all American households.

There will be increased prices on carbon-based goods in the immediate future. This includes plastics, and anything shipped using carbon-based fuel vehicles. More than 26 countries, including Canada and Mexico already have carbon pricing in place. Economists agree that it is good for jobs and trade to start our own pricing in order to compete.

We live in a northern state, with older housing stock, and many people without the financial resources to immediately make sweeping changes away from oil and gas, even if they want to. These are among the reasons why I feel carbon cash-back pricing is a better choice that many other carbon pricing plans which leave cash-back out of the equation.

Towns across Maine and across the country have passed this vote. Most households will break even, or receive more in cash-back than they will pay out in increased costs. For more details, including a calculator to see how your family would be affected, visit: www.carboncash-back4me.org

For those of you who are more visual, please watch Tom Saviello’s excellent interview with guests Cynthia Stancioff, and Peter Dugas of MIT, whose interactive graph is truly an eye-opener. Click on the Talkin’ Maine Box and find the March 31st Show at www.mtbluetv.org

Nancy Walters

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