Vote Will Kenniston for Livermore Falls Selectboard

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So much has happened in the last year it’s hard to keep up with it all. I think most people don’t care about politics and voting and assume all will operate just fine without them. But that was long ago. People need to become engaged in their local politics now more than ever because, as we can see, things have not been going so well. It’s time for people to care about their towns and who is on their Selectboard. Local elections are coming right up! On Tuesday June 8th, 2021, voting will be held from 8am to 8pm at the Livermore Falls Fire Station. Ballot items will include Budget Articles and elected positions for Selectboard. Because of his love for preserving our freedoms, I wholeheartedly endorse and urge folks in Livermore Falls to show up and vote for Will Kenniston for Selectman.

Arin Quintel
Livermore Falls

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