Foster Tech Exploratory Program donates project to the Franklin County Animal Shelter

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FARMINGTON — The Foster Career and Technical Education Center’s Exploratory program built a “cabin in the woods” for the FCTEC Chester Greenwood Day Parade float and wanted to put it to good use after the parade.  After completing the cabin project, students and staff decided to donate the house to the local animal shelter. The Franklin County Animal Shelter was happy to receive the cabin and have positioned it near the shelter to house local feral cats.

The exploratory program at FCTEC consists of ninth grade students that are interested in learning about multiple FCTEC Programs and applying hands on skills. This project was an introduction into the FCTEC Building Construction Program and community involvement.

One of the FCTEC Exploratory classes. Left to right is Lollah T., Jan R.(staff), Tavish C., Alexis V., Brody F., Mason H., and James M.
FCTEC staff delivering the house. Left to right Jan R., Chris L., Danielle H., Del H., and FCAS director Chris B. 
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