Mt. Blue Area Garden Club members share the history of the Teague WWI Arch

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FARMINGTON — The American Legion hall in Farmington was buzzing with creative crafters, yummy treats and genuinely kind people Saturday.  The colorful Chester Greenwood Parade was fun for all with candies sprinkled along the sidewalks.  Small town living is alive and well!

For members of the Mt. Blue Area Garden Club, the most rewarding experience of the day was sharing plans for sprucing up the Franklin County World War I memorial arch.  The garden club had a thorough display of the history of the arch beginning with Mr. Teague’s dying wish to leave his wealth for the creation of this arch in 1922. And in 1923-1924 the community made donations (from .50 to $25) to acquire the land where the memorial stands today. As willing caretakers of this site, the garden club has requested of Franklin County Commissioners that some of the funds from the ARPA stimulus package be allocated for this project.

WWI took the lives of 19 soldiers from Franklin County. These men are homegrown heroes. Their names are not on the memorial, and an Honor Roll is one of the proposed improvements.

Raising awareness of the WWI Teague Memorial Arch site and veterans was a goal for the garden club. Club members shared the exhibits with young and old alike and were delighted to see interest in the project and hear suggestions for the work they hope to accomplish.

Karen Clary, Marion Hutchinson, Beth Myers


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