Hanukkah Heat contest results

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Hanukkah Heat Contest Results

Cover of the next great novel.

Tonight is the last night of Hanukkah and as promised we’re sharing the results of our hotly contested Hanukkah Heat contest. We had over twenty terrific entries. The winner, Courtney Naliboff, receives a DDG T-Shirt and a large dollop of enduring fame. There’s plenty of fame left in the bowl for our two runners up!

Winning Entry!

Leah’s Luscious Latkes
Lovely and unattainable Leah works the grill at the Second Avenue Deli. Unbeknownst to her coworkers and friends, she carries a torch for freight deliveryman Reuben. But when the city faces a cooking oil shortage, Leah and Reuben see each other less and less. Leah must take matters into her own talented hands to get him back. This sizzling tale of fried food and fraternization will leave you feeling festive!

By Courtney Naliboff

Runners  Up!

With Dreidel I Will Play
With Dreidle I Will Play — Beautiful and elusive Hebrew school teacher’s aid Tzilke Mermelstein is swept up in a whirlwind of suspicion after a child is disfigured in a gruesome after school latke making accident. Detective Seth Kleinwasser is determined to find the emes about Tzilke — but finds so much more!

By Lisa Kronn and Madeleine George

Latkes of Love
Rebekkah was lonely. Winter was upon her and she dreaded having no one to light her candles with. The weather man was predicting that a nor’easter was speeding up the coast and would hit the city by evening. Since she had just finished the book she was reading, she calculated that she had just enough time to visit her local bookstore to get a couple more books. Then she would curl up on the couch with her kitties and read through the storm. The storm hit earlier than predicted and when she came out with her books several hours later as the store lights were going out she found her car snowed in,  nobody and the parking lot deserted. As she started to cry out of frustration while she tried with out luck to back out of the space she heard a knock at the window. Rolling it down she found a strong chiseled, bearded face looking down at her. He introduced himself as Emmanuel and asked if she needed a hand….

By Sarah Otley

Thanks to everyone who entered!

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