Rangeley Region Community Choir to be formed

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RANGELEY – Thanks to a recent grant of $1,000 from Camden National Bank, the Rangeley Friends of the Arts is pleased to announce that a Rangeley Region Community Choir will be forming in late spring 2009.  

The funds will allow director, Sue Downes-Borko, to purchase choir folders and enough music to plan a first concert.  It has been many years since such a group existed, and people have been asking for this opportunity.  

The group is hoping to draw not only from the Men’s and Women’s choirs, but encourage both aspiring singers and experienced singers to consider joining.  No audition will be required.  The only requirements will be a love of singing, a desire to be part of a group that shares a common interest and goal, and a commitment to attending regular rehearsals.  

More information will be coming in April, so start gargling and humming in the shower! Contact 207-864-3951 for more information.

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