Keeping a close watch

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A fox peeking through the brush. (Photo by Karen Dalot)
An eagle in Livermore Falls. (Photo by Karen Dalot)
I went for a drive looking for a deer. As you can see no deer but we found this beautiful eagle instead. (Photo by Karen Dalot)
A seagull on Sabattus Pond. (Photo by Dennis York)
A seagull waits for me to leave the pond so that it can look for leftovers. (Photo by Dennis York)
An eagle keeps an eye on the ice. Maybe someone will leave a fish unguarded, and he will claim it. (Photo by Dennis York)
Hungry deer take advantage of the grass that is starting to show up in fields in Livermore. (Photo by Dennis York)
Deer in Livermore. (Photo by Dennis York)
Always on the alert. (Photo by Dennis York)
An opossum makes a nighttime visit to the bird feeder in Wilton. (Photo by Dennis York)
A young eagle in a cornfield in Livermore. (Photo by Dennis York)
A deer carcass gets the young eagle’s attention. (Photo by Dennis York)
A caterpillar crawls across a snow-covered law. Is spring here yet? (Photo by Dennis York)
Typical rat trail with tail drag. (Photo by Pat Blanchard)
Mink had fun sliding on the spring snow. (Photo by Pat Blanchard)
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