Local chiropractic care professionals published in national journal

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HealthQuest Chiropractic’s Tristy Wolfe (left) and Jan Roberts DC (right) with the Activator®

FARMINGTON – May 31, Jan Roberts DC and Tristy Wolfe MA of HealthQuest Chiropractic were accepted for publication in the peer reviewed scientific Journal of Chiropractic Medicine. The case report is entitled “Activator-assisted Spinal Manipulative Therapy of a Geriatric Patient with Low Back Pain and Comorbidities of Cancer, Compression Fractures, and Osteoporosis.”

Activator Spinal Manipulative Therapy uses a small spring loaded instrument called the Activator® designed to deliver a controlled, light and fast thrust without any strain to the patient. HealthQuest Chiropractic uses specially designed motorized adjusting tables so that your body can be evaluated as if you were standing. Then, utilization of a reflex response system of the body helps to determine which vertebrae are out of alignment and in which direction. This technique allows for a chiropractic adjustment to the specific vertebra without resistance from the body. This gentle method allows for chiropractic adjustments in the general population as well as the elderly and pediatric patients. Demonstration of success with pediatrics was published in the peer reviewed scientific Journal of Chiropractic Medicine in September of 2009 with Dr. Roberts and Wolfe’s paper “Response to Activator Chiropractic Care in Six Year-Old Female with Acute Neck Pain, Headaches, Hand, Leg and Foot Pain Following Schoolyard Accident and Other Nonmusculoskeletal Symptoms.”

HealthQuest Chiropractic has been serving Western Maine since 1979 and its staff members have over 100 years of combined experience delivering chiropractic care. Dr Roberts and Dr. Steinhouser are both rated Advance Proficiency using the Activator Method. The office offers chiropractic adjustments supported by therapeutic modalities such as; ice, heat, electric stimulation, ultrasound and laser, therapeutic exercise programs, massage therapy, nutritional consultations and spinal education. (www.healthquest.me)

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