Franklin County sheriff’s weekly report: Rocks defaced with spray paint in Sandy River Plt

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Franklin County Sheriff’s Office weekly report from July 8 – 22, 2016:

7/8/2016 Deputy Andrew Morgan investigated a vandalism complaint on Mitchell Brook Road in Temple. A gate to a private road was ripped out of the ground.

7/9/2016 Deputy Derek Doucette conducted a security escort on Dutch Gap Road in Chesterville.

7/10/2016 Deputy Keith Madore stopped a vehicle for reportedly traveling 80 mph in a 45 mph zone on River Road in Avon. As a result of the stop the driver, Darlene Chapman, 63, of Farmington was arrested on charges of criminal speed and operating under the influence.

7/10/2016 Deputy Morgan responded to a report of a motor home swerving all over the road on Route 27 in New Vineyard. The vehicle was found but traveling normally.

7/11/2016 Deputy Morgan investigated a complaint of fireworks being used at a camp by renters without the permission of the camp owner.

7/11/2016 Detective Ken Charles investigated a theft compliant on Day Mountain Road in Temple. The complainant reported a missing gift card worth $100.

7/11/2016 Deputy Madore responded to a residential alarm on Arnold Trail. The door was discovered open, however, it appears the alarm scared away the intruder.

7/11/2016 Deputy Madore investigated a reported violation of a protection order. However, there was no evidence of a violation.

7/11/2016 Deputy Doucette responded to a car vs. deer accident on the Salem Road in Salem. The deer died at the scene, the car sustained minor damage.

7/11/2016 Deputy Doucette investigated a burglary complaint in Phillips. The complainant stated someone had broken into her safe and taken cash and her son’s medication (adderall) from a cupboard.

7/11/2016 Deputy Morgan investigated the report of an assault taking place at the Rocky Mountain Terrain Park in Carthage. After conducting the investigation the complainant did not want to pursue charges.

7/12/2016 Deputy Bradley Scovil and Chief Deputy Steve Lowell responded to Caldwell Lane in Chesterville to assist State Police in the removal of a firearm from a prohibited person.

7/12/2016 Deputy Madore investigated a phone scam complaint on Main Street in Kingfield where the complainant received an alleged IRS call.

7/12/2016 Deputy Madore and Sgt. Matthew Brann responded to Blake Hill Road regarding a report of a domestic disturbance. As a result of the investigation, Candance Dotolo, 36, was arrested on a charge of domestic violence assault.

7/12/2016 Deputy Morgan responded to a car vs. moose accident on the Rumford Road in Rangeley Plt. The moose died at the scene, the car sustained reportable damage.

7/12/2016 Deputy Scovil assisted State Police with an accident on Rt. 4 in Strong.

7/13/2016 Deputy Scovil conducted a welfare check on Ira Mountain Road in Kingfield.

7/14/2016 Lt. David Rackliffe, Detective Stephen Charles, Sgt. Brann, Deputy Morgan and Deputy Madore assisted Farmington police with a warrant search at a residence on Lucy Knowles Road in Farmington.

7/15/2016 Deputy Scovil responded to Route 16 in Rangeley Plt. regarding a complaint that a young male and female were defacing rocks with spray paint.

7/15/2016 Deputy Scovil responded to a car vs. deer accident on the Rangeley Road in Madrid Twp. The deer died at the scene, the car did not sustained reportable damage.

7/15/2016 Deputy Sandy Burke responded to a car vs. truck accident just north of Phillips near Smalls Falls. A moose involved died at the scene, a vehicle sustained reportable damage.

7/15/2016 Sgt. Kevin Hartley responded to the Lexington Road in Kingfield regarding a report of suspicious activity.

7/17/2016 Deputy Burke responded to Horseshoe Pond Road in Chesterville regarding a report of a disturbance. The complainant called to report he had heard what sounded like a man and woman fighting. Burke did not find the source of the disturbance.

7/17/2016 Deputy Burke assisted Farmington police with a disturbance at the KFC parking lot in Farmington.

7/18/2016 Deputy Scovil investigated a complaint in Phillips. A resident reported that a man was acting strange and possibly off his meds.

7/18/2016 Deputy Scovil and Deputy Madore investigated a trespassing complaint on the River Road in Avon.

7/18/2016 Deputy Madore responded to a New Sharon residence regarding a report of suspicious activity. The complainant reported that an older man arrived at her house when she was not home and spoke with one of her children and asked to measure their porch. The child allowed it and the man left after he completed his task. The complainant has no idea who this person would be.

7/19/2016 Deputy Morgan investigated a single vehicle rollover crash on the George Thomas Road in New Sharon.

7/19/2016 Chief Deputy Lowell responded to Main Street in Kingfield regarding a report of a disturbance near Poland Spring bottling plant. A man was causing some sort of disturbance beside the road but calmed down upon the chief’s arrival.

7/19/2016 Deputy Madore responded to Foster Hill Road in Freeman Twp. and investigated a report of animal abuse. A man was reportedly seen whipping two Rottweilers with a rope.

7/19/2016 Deputy Madore investigated a bad check complaint at Pitcher Perfect Tires in New Sharon.

7/19/2016 Deputy Burke investigated a report of a suspicious vehicle at Douin’s Market after the store had closed.

7/20/2016 Deputy Morgan conducted a traffic stop on the Lucy Knowles Road in Chesterville. As a result of the stop, Janessa Thomas, 26, of New Sharon, was arrested on charges of operating after suspension and violation of conditions of release.

7/20/2016 Deputy Doucette responded to West Mills Road in Industry regarding a report of suspicious activity where a reportedly intoxicated male stopped his truck at the complainant’s house asking to pet the complainant’s dog. Doucette arrested Cato Hustus, 37, of Windsor on an OUI charge and operating without a license.

7/20/2016 Deputy Doucette investigated a report of a dozen tires being dumped at the gate of the Carthage town dump.

7/20/2016 Deputy Burke investigated a car vs. deer accident on the Mercer Road in New Sharon. The deer ran off, the car sustained reportable damage.

7/21/2016 Sgt. Brann investigated a vandalism complaint at the airport in Avon. It was discovered that someone had cut a hole into the fuselage of a plane that is parked there. If anyone has information regarding this please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 778-2680.

7/21/2016 Deputy Doucette and Sgt. Brann investigated an accident on Starks Road in New Sharon. On arrival they found a car with its roof up against a tree. Jaakob Lundy, 19, of New Sharon was found in the 2000 Honda Accord. Lundy was not wearing his seat belt and was pinned in the car. Lundy was helped out of the vehicle by New Sharon Fire Department and placed on a backboard. He was transported to Franklin Memorial Hospital by Northstar Ambulance with a possible head injury. Lundy was summoned by Doucette on a charge of operating under the influence. 

7/21/2016 Detective Kenneth Charles received a complaint on July 11 of a lost or stolen pre-paid credit card from a complainant in Temple. The complainant informed Detective Charles that a gift card intended as a graduation gift never arrived at its intended location; however it had been activated and had been used. As a result of his investigation, Temple U.S postal worker, Amanda Wentzell, 25, of Temple, has been charged with misdemeanors theft by unauthorized taking and misuse of identification. If you suspect you have been a victim of this crime and are a resident of Temple, please contact Detective Ken Charles at 778-2680.

7/21/2016 Deputy Morgan responded to the Carthage Road in Carthage for a report of a Jeep Cherokee being driven in an erratic manner.

7/21/2016 Sgt. Brann processed Nathaniel Carson, 24, of Farmington, who had turned himself into the sheriff’s office regarding a warrant for his arrest.

7/21/2016 Sgt. Brann assisted Trooper Monahan with the arrest of James O’Brien who was charged with criminal trespass on Mt. Abram High School property and harassment.

Deputies conducted 30 building checks during this time period, two were found unsecure; deputies also conducted seven elder checks.  

– Submitted by Sheriff Scott Nichols  

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  1. To the man that was caught whipping his two Rottweiler s, I hope your punishment is the same! There is no need to abuse an animal, you need to be smarter than the dogs to control them, just saying. Thanks to the one that reported it!

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