Letter to the Editor: Move town meeting to Saturday morning

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Dear Farmington Voters,

I encourage everyone to go and vote at the ballot booth on Monday, March 9th to move Farmington’s Annual Town Meeting from a “Monday Night” to a Saturday daytime event. This would encourage a more diverse group of voters to attend town meetings, such as the elderly that do not like to venture out on a dark and cold March night, or parents of young children that find it hard to secure childcare on a weekday evening.

Many local communities already enjoy Saturday Annual meeting times and experience a community bonding that can take place during the event as well as connected meals. I think it is time to try something slightly different here in Farmington to encourage more input from a larger group of voters than currently attend a late Monday night meeting, especially important is opening up an opportunity for our older citizens to attend that could share much of their wisdom and experience.


Bill Crandall
Farmington, Maine

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