Letter to the Editor: Not a good deal

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We can no longer watch television without seeing CMP’s commercials on how great a deal that their Clean Energy Connect Corridor is for Maine. Then we have Hydro Quebec piling it on with their own commercials.

If this is such a great deal why would CMP fight tooth and nail to fight a referendum question allowing the citizens of Maine to decide if we want this great deal? How about telling me how much I’ll save on my monthly bill for example.

I guess CMP believes that we’re to stupid to know what a good deal looks like. Well I know I’m not taking the advice of the worst rated utility in the entire country.

Maybe CMP should just let things play out until November, spend the advertising dollars on the infrastructure here at home, try to move up from last place to say second to last place. CMP can’t handle power delivery here in Maine, let alone Massachusetts now. You can’t save Massachusetts if you can’t even take care of Maine. Let Vermont do it they already have the approval.

Jay Battersby

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