Letter to the Editor: Support Smith for democratic nomination

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I would like to encourage Democrats from Farmington and Industry to support Jeremy Smith for the democratic nomination in the race to fill Janet Mills’ vacant House District 89 seat.

Although Dennis Haszko comes on strong with his claims of commitment to community development, his support of the east-west highway concept leaves me skeptical of his judgment. This proposal is a boondoggle that will render communities like Farmington simply 65-mile-per-hour scenery out the side windows of truck traffic as it hauls our resources elsewhere to add “value” to them. How can you support the local economy and community with a gigantic by-pass?

What Jeremy Smith may lack in formal credentials, he makes up for in his instincts for sincere progressive policy on fundamental issues such as the environment, energy, education, reproductive rights and health care. His emphasis on universal health care, better benefits for veterans returning from the middle east, environmental protection, and universal broadband access match my priorities. I think Jeremy would bring with him to Augusta a fresh and unencumbered commitment to sensible social policy. Wish I could vote for him!

Cyndy Stancioff

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