Letter to the Editor: The DO – RE – ME

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Maine people should carefully consider the CMP Western Maine power line heading for Massachusetts residents. This Power line once installed will create a vast scar on the land throughout our most remote and wild places. Places tourist love to come to hike, swim, raft and just enjoy our brand, “The Maine Brand.”

It will affect close to 700 wetlands or bodies of water, disrupt wildlife migrations cross the Appalachian Trail two times. The scenic Kennebec River gorge and disrupt “The Way Life Should Be.”

In addition, in order to maintain the line for “Life” concerning the landscape it needs to be aerial sprayed with “Round Up” to deter tree growth beneath the power line. This herbicide has been determined to cause cancer in people and animals, fish, frogs and birds.

Think Mainers, this is a bad deal for us and our lands. Raise your voice Loud and Clear. Please join me in voting “ YES” this November to stop the CMP corridor.

Call CMP, call the PUC and call the DEP because this is all about the DO – RE – ME

Kevin Flanagan

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